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The 4th International Conference on Early Childhood Education


International Conference on Early Childhood Education is a biennial conference organised by the Early Childhood Education Program, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. The first conference was held in July 2011 under the name of the 2011 International Early Childhood Studies Conference. Since the first conference, the Early Childhood Education Program of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia has been committed to consistently organising the conference every two years. The conference has been developed into a peer-reviewed conference and in 2016 the papers presented at the conference were published in an online proceeding by the Atlantic Press. For the 3rd ICECE’s full proceeding please visit: https://www.atlantis-press.com/proceedings/icece-16


This year, the Early Childhood Education program will hold the 4th ICECE and we will publish selected papers presented at the conference in a proceeding published by CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Group). We will publish papers that are not accepted for publication by CRC Press in a proceeding with ISBN. For more information about  the conference this year, please click http://icece.event.upi.edu



Distinct from other period of time, the 21st century is characterised by so much knowledge -easy to access but hard to grasp, borderless and hyper-connected society mediated by the internet, high competitiveness -not only within a country but across countries, high mobility, and widening economic discrepancy as neoliberalism has strengthened its influence on every sector of human life. The children of today will face many things that have not been invented or discovered yet, sometime beyond expectations. Scholars and teachers of early childhood education need to be aware of these astonishing changes. The way we see children and childhood cannot stay the same, so does the way we educate the children of the century. This conference aims at opening a discussion about finding alternative approaches, theories, and best practices of early childhood education for a rapidly changing and globalised society.


Advisory Board

Professor Didi Sukyadi (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia)

Professor Yaya Sukjaya Kusumah, M.Sc, Ph.D (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia)

Professor Amita Gupta (The City College of New York, USA)

Professor Branislav Pupala (Tranava University, Slovak)

Assoc. Professor Marek Tesar (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Dr. Jo Warin (Lancaster University, UK)

Dr. Simon Brownhill (University of Cambridge, UK)

Dr. Sonja Arndt (Waikato University, New Zealand)

Dr. M. Solehuddin, MA, M.Pd (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia)

Dr. Ade Gaffar Abdullah (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia)

Putu Rahayu Ujianti, M.Psi (Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha, Indonesia)

Hui-Hua Chen, PhD^ (National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan)

Assoc Professor Dr. Dwi Hastuti (Institut Pertanian Bogor)

Pratiwi Retnaningdyah, PhD (Universitas Negeri Surabaya)


Editorial Board

Vina Adriany, PhD (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia)

Yeni Rachmawati, PhD (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia)

Hani Yulindrasari, PhD (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia)

Sarita Galves Denoso, PhD Candidate (Monash University, Australia)

Dr. Ade Gaffar Abdullah (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia)

Dr. Fonny Demeaty Hutagalung (Universiti Malaya, Malaysia)



  1.  Philosophical Issues in Early Childhood Education
  2. Curriculum and Assessment of Early Childhood Education
  3. Child Rights, Access and Quality in Early Childhood Education
  4.  Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) in Early Childhood Education
  5. Parenting and Child Development
  6.  Gender Issues in Early Childhood Education
  7. Teachers Training for Early Childhood Education
  8. Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education
  9.    Language Development and Literacy in Early Childhood Education
  10.    Critical Issues in Early Childhood Education
  11.  Art and Creativity in Early Childhood Education
  12. Multiculturalism in Early Childhood Education
  13. Policy in Early Childhood Education
  14.  Methodological Issues in Early Childhood Education research
  15.  Health and Nutrition in Early Childhood Education


Paper guidelines

  1. The article should be original and has not been published or considered to be published in any conference proceeding, journal, or other forms of reviewed publication.
  2. The article’s word count: 2500 – 3500 words (not exceeding 3000 words, all included)
  3. The article should be written in English. Non-English words, when necessary, should be formatted italic. The first mention of an abbreviation should be followed by the word/name of the group, then only the abbreviation for the next mentions.
  4. The article should follow the Harvard referencing style (see download section for the template)
  5. The author should provide a signed statement of originality/free from plagiarism.
  6. Any pictures and photos included in the article should be free from copyrights and ethical issues.

The abstract and article should be submitted through an online submission system provided on the conference website.    


Registration and Conference Fee

Registration: You need to sign up for an account to register. Please click the Login/Register link, and follow the steps.

Conference Fee:

Each author of a co-authored paper should register and pay the conference fee respectively when coming and presenting together at the conference.


(1st March – 30th July 2018)


Rp. 3,000,000.00


USD 350


(1st March – 15th October 2018)


Rp. 1,000,000.00


USD 150


Payment method:

Bank transfer

Bank Name: BNI 

Branch: UPI Bandung (Perguruan Tinggi Bandung)

Account Name: ICECE

Account Number: 0715481171

Swift code: BNINIDJA



The abstract should be written in English and not exceed 150 words. The abstract should provide a clear and brief overview of the background, purpose, method, and argument of the study. You should also provide three keywords that reflect the field or area of the study.


Contact Us

e-mail: icece@upi.edu

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